OrcaCon2020 has ended
Welcome to OrcaCon 2020! We’ve got our Scheduler set up for this year, and over the next few months, you’ll start seeing it populated full of games, panels, workshops, and special events.
Are you new to Sched? We’ve created a FAQ for you! It’s a living document, so we’ll be editing it over time as we answer more questions and we get closer to the show. Have questions about OrcaCon? Email info@orcacon.org and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Read our Sched FAQ! Learn how to use it and why we use it.

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Emma Larkins
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Sarah Gulde
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Game Host Lead, Master Derp
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Tracy Alan

Game designer

Casey Almas

Black Shield Productions

Wing Alster

Loot & Lute
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Bianca Anderson

Gaming Industry Veteran

Erin Anderson

Electronic Arts
Professional Cat Herder
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Christopher Ayers

State of Washington
Department of Social and Health Services
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Graeme Barber

Directing Manager/Writer

Carlos Cabrera

Something Clever Games
Mostly Oblivious Lead Officer
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Joe Carriker

Green Ronin Publishing
Developer: Blue Rose
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Joseph Carriker

Green Ronin Publishing

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